Wk 15: Art Experience- Finger Painting

My experience with finger painting was very fun and relaxing. I feel like this activity was very appropriate especially since finals week is just around the corner. With this activity, I got the opportunity to take a break from my studies and got the chance to just relax my mind. This activity was also fun because I really enjoy drawing quick simple pictures. As you can see from the image, I drew a giraffe and a strawberry along with other random drawings. This activity was a lot easier than I expected it to be because I did not have to think about what to draw. Everything was very spontaneous. The fact that I could draw anything I wanted made the activity quite easy. Although I am a person who likes to have things planned prior, I did not have any difficulties with this activity. Through out my past art experiences with art activities, there was not much of a difference with this activity as compared to the other activities that I have done. To me, there is a lot of variety when it comes to art. Whether it is how big or small, or how much time you have spent on the work.



Wk 15: Artist Conversation with Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Krystal Ramirez
Exhibition: N/A
Media: Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: N/A

About Krystal Ramirez

Krystal Ramirez is a third year undergraduate student studying metals at California State University Long Beach. For her exhibition, Krystal handmade planters and earrings. She states that as a young child, she always had an interest in arts. During her high school days, Krystal took a metals class and fell  in love with the concept. Ever since, she has been incorporating metals into her works. It has been about three years since she has been making jewelry and she enjoys the process of it.

Krystal goes on to explaining that she wishes to continue making her art in the future. She states that currently, she makes her art pieces according to social trend; however her end goal is to make eating utensils because she likes to make functional works.


Formal Analysis

This exhibition consisted a lot of different jewelry pieces handmade by different artists. Krystal in particular made planters and earrings. When asked about the process in which she made these items, Krystal stated that it took about a total of 3-5 days and a total of 24 hours to make about 5 planters. The process in which she made each planters were fairly simple. She explained that she would first obtain a flat piece of metal and turn it into a cylinder. After that process, she would attach a base to the planter, and it would be complete. As for her earrings, Krystal had spent made years prior making her own jewelry so she was more experienced in this category.

The overall concept of the exhibit was very vintage and unique. Each jewelry piece had its own special aspects. I really like the jewelry pieced made by Krystal because they were very different from what I have seen. They were not like modern day jewelry; yet they were still very beautiful.


Content Analysis

Based on my interpretation of the exhibit, Krystal truly has a passion for making jewelry. Even as a child she has been interested in arts and throughout her years she has gotten the opportunity to explore different types of arts. Looking back at Krystal’s works, I really like the outcome of her planters. Although they look simple, I believe that its simplicity is what makes it pleasing. As for her earrings, Krystal made her earrings out of many different styles. The results of her earrings were very beautiful and unique. As mentioned before, the style of her earrings were very different from modern day earrings. Although different, they style came out beautifully and Krystal’s work was a success.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great experience in this exhibit. Walking into the exhibit, I saw many different types of handmade jewelry and I really enjoyed looking at all of them. The idea that everything inside was handmade made me feel more appreciative of the jewelry on display. Although I am not big on jewelry, I really like looking at the different pieces because they were very unique and each design was different. Many of the pieces I saw had a very simple design and it reminded me that even simple things can be made beautiful.

Wk 14: Art Experience- Instagram

For this week’s art activity, I was quite surprised when I found out that we were not doing and activity that was related to art. In my perspective, I do not see Instagram as a form of art, because it is simply a social media cite where people could upload pictures and videos that are relate to their life or interests. Although I did not believe that this activity was related to art, I did not have any complaints toward this assignment because as a social media enthusiast, I enjoy going on my phone to check out the latest updates on social media sites. In addition to that, I also enjoyed using social media because I believe that it brings together a community of people with a common interest.

To put it simply, this assignment consisted of posting 4 pictures on Instagram about our daily lives and using a hashtag #art110f16. To me, this assignment was fairly easy to complete because one, I already had an Instagram account, and two, I enjoy posting up pictures about either my interest or my life.  I did not have much of an expectation for this activity because everything was pretty much straight forward and self explanatory. However, when I got the opportunity to rethink the purpose of the assignment, I realized that art can mean anything to anybody. And the fact that we got the opportunity to post up pictures of our own interests to the public using a hashtag chain made it more meaningful. because others may look at our posts and see a common  interest or message that is relayed in the post.

Wk 14: Classmate Conversation with Jamie

What would the college experience be like in the year 2036?

Jamie Van is a second year at California State University Long Beach. When asked what she thought the college experience would be like in the year 2036, Jamie stated that there would probably more people on hover boards, and less people walking. Jamie continues saying that by allowing hover boards on campus, students would be able to have a faster access across campus. Along with her hover board idea, Jamie emphasized that point that these hover boards would be able to float in mid air. Aside from the difference in transportation methods, Jamie states that there would probably be hologram professors in the classrooms rather than live and living professors. Just as seen in any scifi movies, Jamie believes that hologram professors would be very futuristic. Although the year 2036 is 2 decades into the future, it is hard to say what will and can happen.

Wk 12: Artist Conversation with Sage Garver

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A

About Sage Garver

Sage Garver is a senior at California State University Long Beach working towards her BFA in Sculpture Arts. Sage stated that when she first attended CSULB, she was an illustrations major, however she decided to change her major because she enjoyed 3D art and really liked the concept of sculpture. Along with those aspects, Sage also stated that being sculptures create more of an impact on oneself and the environment.

Sage began working with sculpting about 5-6 years prior. Along with her personal life and interest in sculpting, Sage decided to put together an exhibition that captures just that. Using foam, wire, plastic film, and chains, Sage was able to put exhibit together in roughly a month.

Formal Analysis

Sage’s exhibit consisted of sculptures attached to the walls as well as a main display in the middle of the exhibit. Sage explained that growing up, she has dealt with health illnesses and decided to take this experience and turn it into a visual for the audience to see. In the exhibit, Sage incorporates biological forms and systems to create a sculptor and spatial visuals. Sage attaches her sculptures to the wall to enhance the physical and sensational experience.

Sage explains that the surface walls of the room represents the human body and the sculptures attached to the wall represents the substances in the human body. Aside from the sculptures on the wall, there is also a middle center piece in the exhibit. This center pieces consists of a plastic film ball as well as chains. Sage explains the the plastic film ball represents the nucleus of the cell. From my interpretations, I analyzed the chains to be the restrictions that Sage has to deal with due to her health illness.

Content Analysis

Sage’s exhibit was very well designed and put together. The exhibit as a whole represented the human body and its internal substances. Although the layout and design was quite simple, the exhibit was very eye catching to me because of its simplicity. The simplicity of the exhibit brought out the main factors of the exhibit and was very interesting to look at. The center piece of the exhibit was definitely the most beautiful and eye catching due to its presence of color. All in all, everything about the exhibit fit nicely together and the lighting of the room made gave the room a very subtle feel.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great experience with this exhibit. When I first walked in, I thought that the exhibit was very unique because the artist incorporated her artwork into the wall as well as a display in the middle of the exhibit. After I read the artist’s statement, I found out that the theme of the exhibit was biology related. After learning this, I had a new perspective on the artwork because I realized what the substances on the walls were. I thought that this idea was very unique because the artist used even the room as part of her exhibit display. I also enjoyed looking at the center piece of the exhibit because it was very eye catching and beautiful to look at. As a person who enjoys learning about biology, it was very fun to relate both art and biology together. This exhibit helped me to realize that art does not have to focus on solely one aspect, but could intertwine with many other aspects.

Wk 11: Artist Conversation With Caryn Aasness

Exhibition Information

Artist: Caryn Aasness
Media: Weaving
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Maxino Merlino Gallery

About Caryn Aasness

Caryn is currently a 5th year studying to get her BFA in Fiber Arts at California State University Long Beach. Caryn recently got into the hobby of weaving and working with textiles two years ago; and since then she has began to enjoy and appreciate this form of art more. Although it took some time to learn how to work with textile, Caryn decided to challenge herself by incorporating a hidden message inside each weaving pieces, thus leading to her exhibition displays.

Formal Analysis

Caryn’s exhibit consists of many different pieces of weaving textile. Although each piece looked fairly similar, the unique difference within each of the pieces were that they had a hidden message within them. Caryn wanted to incorporate a message within each piece because she wanted her weaving pieces to be more that just materialistic objects that people look at. Although making a weave is very structural, Caryn explains that this concept reminded her of society. Caryn states that much like society, although its is very structured, there are ways to change things up and make it your own. Like this idea, Caryn took the concept of weaving, which was very structured and based on specific patterns, and made it her own by incorporating things such as different color coordination and hidden messages.

Content Analysis

For this exhibit, Caryn explains that although she is fairly new to the concept  she enjoy working with textile because the end results are satisfactory. Caryn further explains the process of making a weave. She states that for one piece of weaving, it take on average 20 hours minimum. Reason being is because it tales some time for the loom to be set up as well as manually insert the corresponding weave colors. In addition to all of this, Caryn included a hidden message which add some time to her final result. Overall, Caryn exhibit consisted of her many different weave project which contained different messages within.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great time in this exhibit because I really enjoyed looking at the different weaving pieces. Although each piece had the same design, they were also different because each had its own unique quality- the hidden message. I thought it was really fascinating to incorporate a message within a weave. I thought that this concept was very neat and one of a kind. Aside from the weaves, I also like the visuals of this exhibit because the artist used a lot of vibrant colors which was very eye catching. The mood that was portrayed in this exhibit was very fresh and relaxing to me. Looking at this exhibit made me very interested in the art of textile, and it made me appreciate the efforts put into art because for pieces like these, it takes time and dedication for a successful outcome. Caryn’s exhibit allowed me to see the beauty in simplicity.

Wk 10: Artist Conversation with Ying Ying Fu

Exhibition Information

Artist: Ying Ying Fu
Exhibition: The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean
Media: Oil
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A

About Ying Ying Fu

Ying Ying is a MFA senior graduate student at California State University Long Beach majoring in drawing and painting with a figurative tract. Growing up, Ying Ying stated that the ocean, The Pacific Ocean in particular, has been a big part of her childhood. Thus, it has inspired her to paint these painting for her exhibit. Along with her interest of the ocean, Ying Ying wanted to emphasize different factors into her artwork. Such as the interaction with people in there surrounding, vibrant colors, and the dynamics of Southern California.

Formal Analysis


When asked about Ying Ying’s approach on this exhibit she replied saying that her aim was to focus more on the dynamics of light and shade, dramatic color contrasts, and free brush strokes to display the ideal Southern California. Although each paining looks incredibly detailed, Ying Ying explains that these artworks are original. Aside from that factor, Ying Ying also wanted to emphasize  the intensity of color, combined with energetic brush strokes. Ying Ying explains that this style and outlook of painting is different from her current approach. She is now experimenting with the dynamics of the modern world where harmony coexists with conflicts and fantasy coexists with reality.

Content Analysis


In this exhibit, Ying Ying painted multiple different scenes from the beach. Each ranging with different emotions and colors. As a whole, the paintings tied together nicely and it gave the exhibit a very warm and relaxing vibe. I really enjoyed looking at each painting because they were all unique in there own ways. Although they were all painted with the same technique and style each painting had there own story. Another aspect of the painting that caught my attention was how detailed they all were. Ying Ying as able to capture every small detail in the scene which made it seem very realistic and eye catching.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great experience with this exhibit. When I first walked into the room, my attention was drawn directly at the paintings. Each painting was carefully painted with beautiful details. The colors were vibrant and the mood of the exhibit seemed very warm and relaxing. Aside from those factors, another reason why I really enjoyed this exhibit was because I had a connection with the topic at hand. Born and raised in Southern California, I loved going to the beach. I love the feeling of the sun’s warm rays and the relaxing motion of the waves.



Wk 9: Art Activity- Social Network

For this week’s art activity, we were suppose to make a social network web with our class peers. Before starting on this activity, we had to prepare a few items outside of class time. We were required to print out a picture of ourselves, as well as a colored paper to glue our picture on. After doing this, we were ready to start the network chain. Basically, for this activity, we pinned out pictures on a wall and there were different colored yarns provided; each representing the people you already knew coming into Art 110, the people you met during Art 110, and the people you interacted with for classmate conversations. Although this activity seemed fairly simple, it was actually a lot more complicated in my opinion.

Although this activity required a lot of climbing of classroom furniture to navigate to different people’s pictures, and connecting different yarns from one point to another, I had a fun time working on this activity. At the end of this activity, when I connected the different colored yarns together, it made me feel happy to visually see my accomplishments during the Art 110 class thus far. I had friends coming into this class and I was able to make new friends and different interactions while in this class. Looking back at this social network activity, it makes me happy to think that we all have a mutual friend in common because as college students, we are constantly interacting with new people and we are able to expose ourselves to a wide variety of different ethnic backgrounds and interests; which has a positive impact on us as an individual to be more open minded and understanding of others.

Wk 9: Artist Conversation with Vanessa Olivarez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Vanessa Olivarez
Exhibition: Don’t Be Careful, Be Gentle
Media: Film and Acrylic
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

About Vanessa Olivarez

Vanessa Olivarez is a fourth year attending California State University Long Beach. She is currently working for her BFA in the art of Sculpture. During an interview with Vanessa, she stated that she enjoys things likes making videos, sewing, drawing, painting, writing poems and playing with language. Vanessa also stated that even as a child, she had an interest in art, which is why she decided to pursue this path in college.


Formal Analysis

From my interpretation of the exhibit, I can see that Vanessa was trying to portray two different words. The seesaw that was placed in the middle of the exhibit was the main attraction and probably even the most important. The seesaw symbolizes the idea of two different words and the struggle to find a balance between the two; being in constant motion between two different things. Aside from the seesaw, the exhibit also has two different videos playing on opposite walls. On one wall was a video about the idea of being alone whereas the other video was about the idea of socializing- not wanting to be alone. The idea of this exhibit is being between two worlds by wanting one thing and another.


Content Analysis

In the exhibit, Vanessa included a video on two sides of the wall as well as different prop set ups around the room. The main attraction from Vanessa’s exhibit was the seesaw, which was placed directly in the middle of the exhibit. On the opposite ends of the seesaw were two videos played on each wall.The videos that were played were made personally by the artist based on the artist’s personal experience. Aside from those aspects was also a display of a small TV, a music box with music playing in the background, and tying the exhibit together was the pink undertone lighting which made the exhibit have a very mysterious feel to it.


My Experience

Overall, I enjoyed this exhibit. I really like how the artist tied together two of the most common issues in today’s society. The aspect and the idea of trying to balance your social life with your independent self. The display that the author used to tie this aspect together was also very unique. The idea of the seesaw was something that was very eye catching to me because it played a key role in the video that was being played on the walls. In addition to the seesaw, I also really like how the artist would switch videos every time the seesaw would change its angle. This reminded me of the idea and the struggle of finding a balance between the lives that people live. The struggle of balancing who you are and who you want to be.

Reflecting back on my experience with this exhibit, I would have to saw that the message from this exhibit is very relateable. Not only to me, but I believe to many people in society as well. The exhibit had a very nice twist and a different feel to it, but in the end everything connected well together and the artist got her message across to those who took part in viewing the exhibit.


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