For this week’s art activity, I was quite surprised when I found out that we were not doing and activity that was related to art. In my perspective, I do not see Instagram as a form of art, because it is simply a social media cite where people could upload pictures and videos that are relate to their life or interests. Although I did not believe that this activity was related to art, I did not have any complaints toward this assignment because as a social media enthusiast, I enjoy going on my phone to check out the latest updates on social media sites. In addition to that, I also enjoyed using social media because I believe that it brings together a community of people with a common interest.

To put it simply, this assignment consisted of posting 4 pictures on Instagram about our daily lives and using a hashtag #art110f16. To me, this assignment was fairly easy to complete because one, I already had an Instagram account, and two, I enjoy posting up pictures about either my interest or my life.  I did not have much of an expectation for this activity because everything was pretty much straight forward and self explanatory. However, when I got the opportunity to rethink the purpose of the assignment, I realized that art can mean anything to anybody. And the fact that we got the opportunity to post up pictures of our own interests to the public using a hashtag chain made it more meaningful. because others may look at our posts and see a common  interest or message that is relayed in the post.