Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A

About Sage Garver

Sage Garver is a senior at California State University Long Beach working towards her BFA in Sculpture Arts. Sage stated that when she first attended CSULB, she was an illustrations major, however she decided to change her major because she enjoyed 3D art and really liked the concept of sculpture. Along with those aspects, Sage also stated that being sculptures create more of an impact on oneself and the environment.

Sage began working with sculpting about 5-6 years prior. Along with her personal life and interest in sculpting, Sage decided to put together an exhibition that captures just that. Using foam, wire, plastic film, and chains, Sage was able to put exhibit together in roughly a month.

Formal Analysis

Sage’s exhibit consisted of sculptures attached to the walls as well as a main display in the middle of the exhibit. Sage explained that growing up, she has dealt with health illnesses and decided to take this experience and turn it into a visual for the audience to see. In the exhibit, Sage incorporates biological forms and systems to create a sculptor and spatial visuals. Sage attaches her sculptures to the wall to enhance the physical and sensational experience.

Sage explains that the surface walls of the room represents the human body and the sculptures attached to the wall represents the substances in the human body. Aside from the sculptures on the wall, there is also a middle center piece in the exhibit. This center pieces consists of a plastic film ball as well as chains. Sage explains the the plastic film ball represents the nucleus of the cell. From my interpretations, I analyzed the chains to be the restrictions that Sage has to deal with due to her health illness.

Content Analysis

Sage’s exhibit was very well designed and put together. The exhibit as a whole represented the human body and its internal substances. Although the layout and design was quite simple, the exhibit was very eye catching to me because of its simplicity. The simplicity of the exhibit brought out the main factors of the exhibit and was very interesting to look at. The center piece of the exhibit was definitely the most beautiful and eye catching due to its presence of color. All in all, everything about the exhibit fit nicely together and the lighting of the room made gave the room a very subtle feel.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great experience with this exhibit. When I first walked in, I thought that the exhibit was very unique because the artist incorporated her artwork into the wall as well as a display in the middle of the exhibit. After I read the artist’s statement, I found out that the theme of the exhibit was biology related. After learning this, I had a new perspective on the artwork because I realized what the substances on the walls were. I thought that this idea was very unique because the artist used even the room as part of her exhibit display. I also enjoyed looking at the center piece of the exhibit because it was very eye catching and beautiful to look at. As a person who enjoys learning about biology, it was very fun to relate both art and biology together. This exhibit helped me to realize that art does not have to focus on solely one aspect, but could intertwine with many other aspects.