Exhibition Information

Artist: Caryn Aasness
Media: Weaving
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Maxino Merlino Gallery

About Caryn Aasness

Caryn is currently a 5th year studying to get her BFA in Fiber Arts at California State University Long Beach. Caryn recently got into the hobby of weaving and working with textiles two years ago; and since then she has began to enjoy and appreciate this form of art more. Although it took some time to learn how to work with textile, Caryn decided to challenge herself by incorporating a hidden message inside each weaving pieces, thus leading to her exhibition displays.

Formal Analysis

Caryn’s exhibit consists of many different pieces of weaving textile. Although each piece looked fairly similar, the unique difference within each of the pieces were that they had a hidden message within them. Caryn wanted to incorporate a message within each piece because she wanted her weaving pieces to be more that just materialistic objects that people look at. Although making a weave is very structural, Caryn explains that this concept reminded her of society. Caryn states that much like society, although its is very structured, there are ways to change things up and make it your own. Like this idea, Caryn took the concept of weaving, which was very structured and based on specific patterns, and made it her own by incorporating things such as different color coordination and hidden messages.

Content Analysis

For this exhibit, Caryn explains that although she is fairly new to the concept  she enjoy working with textile because the end results are satisfactory. Caryn further explains the process of making a weave. She states that for one piece of weaving, it take on average 20 hours minimum. Reason being is because it tales some time for the loom to be set up as well as manually insert the corresponding weave colors. In addition to all of this, Caryn included a hidden message which add some time to her final result. Overall, Caryn exhibit consisted of her many different weave project which contained different messages within.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great time in this exhibit because I really enjoyed looking at the different weaving pieces. Although each piece had the same design, they were also different because each had its own unique quality- the hidden message. I thought it was really fascinating to incorporate a message within a weave. I thought that this concept was very neat and one of a kind. Aside from the weaves, I also like the visuals of this exhibit because the artist used a lot of vibrant colors which was very eye catching. The mood that was portrayed in this exhibit was very fresh and relaxing to me. Looking at this exhibit made me very interested in the art of textile, and it made me appreciate the efforts put into art because for pieces like these, it takes time and dedication for a successful outcome. Caryn’s exhibit allowed me to see the beauty in simplicity.