For this week’s art activity, we were suppose to make a social network web with our class peers. Before starting on this activity, we had to prepare a few items outside of class time. We were required to print out a picture of ourselves, as well as a colored paper to glue our picture on. After doing this, we were ready to start the network chain. Basically, for this activity, we pinned out pictures on a wall and there were different colored yarns provided; each representing the people you already knew coming into Art 110, the people you met during Art 110, and the people you interacted with for classmate conversations. Although this activity seemed fairly simple, it was actually a lot more complicated in my opinion.

Although this activity required a lot of climbing of classroom furniture to navigate to different people’s pictures, and connecting different yarns from one point to another, I had a fun time working on this activity. At the end of this activity, when I connected the different colored yarns together, it made me feel happy to visually see my accomplishments during the Art 110 class thus far. I had friends coming into this class and I was able to make new friends and different interactions while in this class. Looking back at this social network activity, it makes me happy to think that we all have a mutual friend in common because as college students, we are constantly interacting with new people and we are able to expose ourselves to a wide variety of different ethnic backgrounds and interests; which has a positive impact on us as an individual to be more open minded and understanding of others.