Exhibition Information

Artist: Ying Ying Fu
Exhibition: The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean
Media: Oil
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A

About Ying Ying Fu

Ying Ying is a MFA senior graduate student at California State University Long Beach majoring in drawing and painting with a figurative tract. Growing up, Ying Ying stated that the ocean, The Pacific Ocean in particular, has been a big part of her childhood. Thus, it has inspired her to paint these painting for her exhibit. Along with her interest of the ocean, Ying Ying wanted to emphasize different factors into her artwork. Such as the interaction with people in there surrounding, vibrant colors, and the dynamics of Southern California.

Formal Analysis


When asked about Ying Ying’s approach on this exhibit she replied saying that her aim was to focus more on the dynamics of light and shade, dramatic color contrasts, and free brush strokes to display the ideal Southern California. Although each paining looks incredibly detailed, Ying Ying explains that these artworks are original. Aside from that factor, Ying Ying also wanted to emphasize  the intensity of color, combined with energetic brush strokes. Ying Ying explains that this style and outlook of painting is different from her current approach. She is now experimenting with the dynamics of the modern world where harmony coexists with conflicts and fantasy coexists with reality.

Content Analysis


In this exhibit, Ying Ying painted multiple different scenes from the beach. Each ranging with different emotions and colors. As a whole, the paintings tied together nicely and it gave the exhibit a very warm and relaxing vibe. I really enjoyed looking at each painting because they were all unique in there own ways. Although they were all painted with the same technique and style each painting had there own story. Another aspect of the painting that caught my attention was how detailed they all were. Ying Ying as able to capture every small detail in the scene which made it seem very realistic and eye catching.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great experience with this exhibit. When I first walked into the room, my attention was drawn directly at the paintings. Each painting was carefully painted with beautiful details. The colors were vibrant and the mood of the exhibit seemed very warm and relaxing. Aside from those factors, another reason why I really enjoyed this exhibit was because I had a connection with the topic at hand. Born and raised in Southern California, I loved going to the beach. I love the feeling of the sun’s warm rays and the relaxing motion of the waves.