For this week’s art activity, I had to create an art care package. While thinking about what to do for this activity, I decided to organize a small package for one of my friends. This gift was more of an appreciation and small birthday package. My package contained a lot of little miscellaneous and random items that only my friend and I would understand. The relationship between this friend and I is a very unique one. We are able to maintain a friendship with the balance of being there for each other with a little bit of crazy here and there.

The package that I put together contains things such as a small banana plushie, matcha green tea snacks, car accessories, a dog leash, and facial masks. Each of these small items do not really serve a purpose, but they serve more of a symbolic purpose. As each item is unique to our friendship, there was a lot of time and effort into picking out these items. One of the great things about putting together this care package was that it was unique to one specific person. The care package was not meant for just anybody but was planned and directed towards my friend. Unlike some social media apps such as Snapchat, ACP are more personal.

As mentioned before, ACP and Snapchat are very different in my opinion. For one, the pictures, videos, messages that you send on Snapchat have a time limit as to how long they can last for. In contrast, ACP can last for a long time. Another difference is that Snapchat is just a virtual way of sending and receiving, whereas ACP are physical gifts given to and from. However, as different as Snapchat and ACP may be, they also have some similarities. These similarities include the aspect of sending something to someone. Also, Snapchat and ACP are similar because when sending the specific item, there is an option to specifically send it to one person; which makes it much more personal and meaningful.

Overall, I really enjoyed putting together a small care package for my friend because it made me rethink our friendship and all of the good moments that we shared together. In addition to that, It was really fun putting together a package that represented our friendship. Working on this activity really made me reflect on the idea of Snapchat vs ACP. I can now clearly see the differences and the more sentimental aspects between the two. As both are ways to send things to and from, I believe that ACP offer more of a genuine and personal connection to the individual that the package is being sent to. In the future, I can see myself making more of these little packages because not only are they fun to put together, but they are very sentimental and personal to the person you are sending it to; and that is what makes these packages so unique.