Sketching at California State University Long Beach’s Japanese Garden was a very dynamic experience. Although it was not my first time sketching or drawing, I definitely had a hard time with this activity. To start off, I am not that talented in drawing or sketching. This being said, it was very difficult for me to sketch different aspects of the Japanese Garden.

When I was sketching my three abstract drawing, I began to feel very frustrated because my sketches did not turn out the way I wanted them to be. Although it took some time to sketch a scene from the garden, I was not satisfied with my results. For my abstract sketches, I decided to sketch a scene from the garden with the pond, then I sketched a tree, and finally stepping stones.

Aside from the abstract sketches, I also had to sketch three detailed images from the garden. Personally, I thought that this sketch was a lot less stressful than the abstract sketch because I did not have to focus on such a wide spectrum of the garden. I simply just sketched out the details of the garden; such as a close up of a branch, a rusty lamp, and a bamboo tree.

Overall, this activity was very exasperating; mainly due to the fact that my sketches did not turn out the way I hoped them to be. Aside from the sketching activity, I did enjoy walking around the garden and admiring the Japanese culture. The garden was very calming and relaxing and the view was very beautiful.