Exhibition Information

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: SOCIAL
Media: Oil
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: Instagram @THEARTOFNATE_

About Nathaniel Paderanga

Nate Paderanga is a student attending California State University as a  Drawing and Painting major. Nate is currently a fourth year working towards his BFA, Bachelors in Fine Arts. When asked about his major, Nate responded that he was not a Fine Arts major when he first came into college. As a matter of fact, he was first a Kinesiology major. The reason for his change of major was because he decided to take an art class; which turned out to be really fun, thus resulted in Nate changing his major. With Nate’s decision to change his major, his parents were very supportive of him.

Growing up, family had always been an important value to Nate. When asked about the inspiration behind his exhibition, Nate explained that about a year ago, Nate’s mother pasted away; which had a major change in Nate’s perspective on social issues. Nate then began to paint- his emotions, things that are important to him, as well as social issues.

Formal Analysis

Nate’s exhibition consisted of multiple oil paintings. Nate explained that most of the paintings in the exhibition were experiences from his personal life. Things that are important to him; such as his family. Walking into this exhibition, one could tell that there was a lot of emotions in each of the painting. The fact that each painting was from personal experiences made his exhibition that much more intimate. Aside from the painting itself, the exhibition room looked just like any ordinary exhibition room. There were paintings on displays and not much of any other factors. Even though there was not much around, the paintings really did speak for itself.

One of the paintings that really stuck out to me was the painting of Nate’s mother. After the interview and learning about his mother’s death, the painting had a lot more impact to me that I would have thought. Nate explained how he painted the picture of his mom based purely on memory, and I thought that was something that was really special. Losing such an important figure in his life resulted in Nate beginning to take on his painting career such as the ones on display. Though the painting of his mother was painted through memory, most of the other paintings in the exhibition room were painted from a picture. Pictures taken by Nate.


Content Analysis

Based on my interpretation of the exhibition, I can see that Nate really values family. Each of his paintings were personal events in his life which made his exhibition very intimate. During the interview with Nate, he explained that he had always been drawing and painting as a kid, however the tragic lost that he experienced was what sparked his inspiration to begin painting. Nate also explained that he mainly focuses on oil painting because there is a lot of variety and painting styles that can be created. Nate also explained how each painting project he starts is never always completed. A majority of his paintings are started, and halfway through, he is not able to finish it due to his personal reasons.


My Experience

Overall, I had a great experience with this exhibition. I really like how Nate tied his painting around the aspect of family along with other social issues. Each painting in this exhibition was beautifully painted and I could really feel the emotions within each of his paintings. After the interview with Nate, and taking a second look at each of the paintings, I could really see the sincerity and the effort that he put into each of his different paintings. I feel that because Nate dealt with such a tragic loss in his life, made his paintings and his perspective have more of a personal and profound meaning. All in all, this exhibition was very heart felt and had a deep emotional appeal.