Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow
Exhibition: EXTRUSIONS
Media: Bristol board
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: Instagram @tiffuts

About Blaine Scot Prow

Blaine Prow is an student attending California State University Long Beach. Prow is currently a fourth year pursuing his degree of studio arts with an emphasis on graphic design. When asked about his goal, Blaine stated that he hopes to pursue a career working in a graphic design studio.

As a child, Blaine stated that he liked to play with cars as well as work with them. Before declaring his current major, Blaine used to be a mechanical engineering major; however, he had a change of plans and decided to pursue as a graphic design major. Blaine expressed that now, instead of working with cars, he is now able to design cars – which he is completely content with.

Formal Analysis

When walking into the exhibition room, the content that was displayed were multiple different three dimensional geometric shape cutouts. Aside from the wall displays, there was not really a “wow” factor in this exhibit. However, there did not need to be a “wow” factor because the art work already spoke for itself. Although the exhibit was a simple display, the three dimensional art work was not simple. As you look closely, you would notice that the three dimensional shape was produced from a two dimensional shape. As in Blaine’s display, the white would represent the three dimensional geometric shape whereas the black would represent the two dimensional geometric shape.

When asked about his color choice, Blaine stated that he did not want any vibrant colors or patterns because he wanted to keep his art work simple and focus more on the three dimensional aspect. Blaine stated that the idea behind the three dimensional and two dimensional shapes was to see the relationship between the cutout and three dimensional shape. When asked where he got his inspiration from, Blaine stated that one day, he was just drawing and manipulating the triangle shape and eventually made a three dimensional structure with the original shape. Intrigued with this concept, Blaine was determined to test out other shapes. Eventually finding out that each three dimensional shape was derivative based.

Content Analysis

Based on my interpretation of this exhibition, I can see that the simplicity of this exhibition really emphasizes the relationship between the three dimensional shape and the two dimensional cut out. Although the layout of the entire exhibition was quite simple, I thought that the artist tied in every factor of his art work nicely.

During the interview with the artist, Blaine was asked if he had a definite way of create these art works, and he replied saying that his concept was mainly just trial and error. Blaine would just use his exacto knife and a ruler and start from there. I really enjoyed this exhibition because although there was not much meaning and analytical aspect to the artwork, it was still very eye catching and unique in its own ways.

My Experience

My overall experience with this exhibit was very dynamic. At first, when I walked in the exhibit room, nothing really appealed to me. Other than the three dimensional art work on the walls, I did not really know what was so spectacular about this exhibition room. I had high expectations walking into this room because of the prior exhibits I have been too. However, after just standing there and starring at the walls, I began to notice that the art work was more than mere three dimensional shapes on the wall. As a matter of fact, they were three dimensional shapes cut out from two dimensional shapes. After figuring this out, I was truly impressed with this phenomenal concept that the artist put together.