This week I got the opportunity to work with a new art activity- making a flip book. This activity was definitely a fun activity for me because the process of making the flip book was something I have never done before. When making my flip book, I did not have any nice quality paper with me so I compromised with using index cards. After folding and ripping my index card into half sheets, I stacked them in a pile about half an inch thick. After doing so, I was ready to punch a hole in my deck of index cards; so that I could tie the deck together with a string. This process took about 10 minutes because punching holes in each of the index card was not as easy as I thought it would be. As a side note, you definitely need some arm muscles to get the hole puncher to work.

Anyway, once my flip book was hole punched and tied, it was ready for some art work in the inside. This process also took me some time because I did not know what to draw. I did not want to do anything simple such as the process of a ball bouncing from one corner to the other. In the end, I decided to draw the process of a growing seed and its seasonal changes. I decided to draw this because one, I really like flowers. Secondly, I thought it would be pretty cool to draw the stages and the cycle of a flower’s life. In the end, my flip book turned out pretty nice. My art work is not amazing, but it gets my idea across. Overall, this activity was fun and I believe I will definitely be doing something like this again.