My experience with the graffiti writing was very fun because it was something I have never done before. When I was first introduced to this assignment, I was unsure of what was meant by graffiti writing. However, as I began to think about what I was going to do, I realized that anything could be considered graffiti writing because it is your own customized font and unique way of writing. Personally, this project was very fun to work with because it was fun being able to spray a nozzle and have ink come out of it. Spraying and writing my name was also a fun part of this project because I got to customize my own graffiti board.

Although the project was overall a great experience and fun to work with, my end result was not what I had hoped it to be. For one, I was not a big fan of the color combination of the two spray paint bottles. In addition to that, I was expecting my graffiti writing to have a little more dimension to it. Although spraying the bottle was an easy step, it was hard to control the thick and thin lines produced from the spray bottles. Aside from those aspects, I really enjoyed working on this project. If I get the chance to, I would really like to do a project like this again; maybe on a bigger scale.