My experience with the automatic drawing was very interesting and fun. I have never done any activity where my eyes were closed and I was drawing with another partner. At first, the activity seemed like a joke because we could not stop laughing. It felt super awkward to hold one pencil with another person, let alone have both of our eyes closed. Despite the awkwardness, once we started drawing, we got the hang of working together. Although there were times where one of us would lead the drawing, in the end everything worked out because our drawing turned out nice.

Our end result of the automatic drawing was a very interesting one because after two attempts of the automatic drawing, we both drew what seemed to be a turtle. As you can see from the image above, the green outline picture is an upright dancing turtle. Whereas the red outline drawing in a side view of a swimming turtle. My partner and I both found it coincidental that both of our drawings turned out to be what we interpreted as a turtle. We analyzed this and came to an agreement that we are people who like to keep our homes close to us and we like to keep things slow and steady. Overall, my experience with this activity was a great one. I would definitely do something like this again. Maybe with a different partner and see what our results would be.