Exhibition Information

Presenter: Ellin Fan
Exhibition: Interactive Activity
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Website: https://www.facebook.com/soa.maker.society/

About Ellin Fan

Ellin Fan is a second year at California State University Long Beach studying under the Art department as an animations major. When asked about the reason for being an animations major, Ellin stated that as a child in elementary school, she always loved looking at comic books and their graphic designs. She especially loved looking at drawings because they tell a story and it is fun to look at. One aspect about being an animations major is that she enjoys drawing, and she stated that this major would lead her to a more broad career choice. When asked about her involvement and passion in school, she stated that she is involved in an art club on campus known as the Art Maker Society. Ellin has been a member of this club for a little under a year where she now serves as the treasurer of the club.

CSULB Art Maker Society

The Art Maker Society at California State University Long Beach is a non profit organization that enables the students to be able to have hands on art activities. This program is not specifically for art majors, but is open for all students on campus. The main focus of this club is to primarily have the students work on art projects that interests them. The club is open to new ideas and they create an environment where students are able to freely express their art interest.

The Art Maker Society hosts club meetings every week on Wednesdays at noon. Though this club is fairly new starting in Spring 2016, the club is sustaining quite well. The club’s main focus is to inspire students to be creative. They do this by hosting art workshops where students can work on projects at their own pace with no commitments.

About the Exhibit

The overall exhibit, which was hosted by the Art Maker Society, was an interactive exhibit where students got to hands on create their own art. The exhibit consisted of many different art stations including different origami pieces, block stacking, parchment paper drawing, and sticker making. With this wide spectrum of art activities, it makes it possible for the audience to have a wide spectrum of different art experiences. When asked about the exhibit, Ellin stated that the main purpose of the exhibit was to promote their Art Maker Society club as well as give students the opportunity to make their own art. The different art activities in the exhibit serve different purposes. For example, the origami pieces made it possible for the students to be creative with their ideas while having fun, and the parchment paper made it possible for the students to be creative with their ideas without any boundaries or obstacles.

My Experience

Overall, I had a great experience with the interactive art exhibit hosted by the Art Maker Society of CSULB. I thought that the concept of the exhibit was very unique and different from what exhibits are expected to be. By  allowing me to participate in different art activities, I was able to not only learn how to create different origami pieces, but also be able to freely express my thoughts and feelings by drawing on the parchment papers. Overall, this exhibit was a very eye opening experience because I learned that an exhibit did not necessarily have to be a show of just art pieces for the audience to look at, but it could be the exact opposite of that. The Art Maker Society exhibit did a perfect job in embodying this element because they created an environment where as Ellin stated, “Instead of the audience come into the exhibit to look at art, they come into the exhibit to make their own.” I believe that the Art Maker Society promotes a great atmosphere for students who enjoy art.