When I was first assigned the activity of creating a scene with a corpse body, I felt intimidated about the idea because I did not know how to interpret the assignment, or what was expected from the results. As I was planning on how and what scene to create, I thought to myself, what idea did I want to recreate and emphasize.

As young adults, I noticed that our lives revolves around transportation; more specifically our cars. I took the simple idea of a car and decided to twist up the concept by having myself pose as a corpse that had been hit by a car. I feel like the image is simple yet powerful enough to get the point across. Safe driving is something I believe should be enforced especially with young drivers.

While creating this picture, I had a fun time just posing for this picture because it is not everyday that I get to lay on the streets and pretend to be hit by a car. Along with the behind the scenes of this picture, it was also very eye opening to get a glimpse of what it would be like to be a corpse from a tragic scene.