Working on the plaster activity was a new experience for me because I have never done anything like this before. Overall I would say that it was a fun activity because I got the opportunity to create a replica of my hand. Rather than working on 2 dimensional projects, I got to work on a hands on activity making a 3 dimensional replica. While working on this activity, I had a difficult time getting started because by the time I arrived at the beach, it was high tide so I could not do this activity near the shoreline. Consequently, I had to dig a deep hole and fill it up with water so that I would have wet sand to mold my hand. After getting my mold ready, I ran into other issues such as having people step on my mold. After getting the situation handled, I finally got to pour in the plaster. In the end, my hand replica did not turn out as I hoped but it was still a great feeling to successfully create a hand replica. If I were to do an activity like this again, I would make sure to check the time for high and low tides and to not make a plaster hand replica at a bonfire; where it is dark and crowded.